LGBTIQ Safe Housing Project (2017-2019) 

Researchers: Ruth McNair (Department of General Practice, University of Melbourne), Cal Andrews (Department of General Practice, University of Melbourne) & William Leonard (GLHV@ARCSHS, La Trobe University).

Volunteer: Merinda Brown

Case Workers: Anna Diktakis & Lucy Foley

Peer Support Workers: Karen Parker & Georgina Poort

Advisory Group: Sue Carlile (Family Access Network), Karen Field (Drummond Street Services), George Hatvani (Launch Housing), Trish Hackney-Westmore (Council to Homeless Persons), Vicki Huggard (Uniting Shepparton), Tony Keenan (Launch Housing), Mary Koutzamanis (SensWide Employment/WorkingOut), Dan Laws (Victorian Indigenous Statewide Homelessness Network), Liam Leonard (GLHV), Peter Locke (Equinox), Karen MacKenzie (Vincent Care), Karen Parker (Zoe Belle Gender Collective), Sharon Parkinson (Swinburne University of Technology), Jenny Smith (Council to Homeless Persons), Michelle Thompson (Family Access Network), Anna Wark (Launch Housing), James Wray (Port Phillip Housing Association).


LGBTIQ National Inclusive Practice Guidelines for Housing and Homelessness Sectors (2018) 

Researchers: Ruth McNair & Cal Andrews.

LGBTIQ Community Advisory Group: TBC.

Housing and Homelessness Advisory Group: TBC.

Admin Support: Timothy Kariotis (Department of General Practice, University of Melbourne).


Trans and Gender Diverse Homelessness Pilot Model of Care (2016-2017) 

Researchers: Ruth McNair & Cal Andrews.

Steering Group: Brenda Appleton (Transgender Victoria), Karen Field (Drummond Street Services), Kate Foord (Drummond Street Services), Sally Goldner (Transgender Victoria), Ian Gould (GALFA), Tony Keenan (Launch Housing), Anna Wark (Launch Housing).

Community Reference Group: Marie August (Drummond Street Services – queerspace), Ari Dunphy (Drummond Street Services – queerspace), Andrew Eklund (The Shed), Tina Healy, Jami Jones (Rainbow Network), Darcy Lovely (Redefining Androgyny), Starlady (Zoe Belle Gender Collective), Budi Sudarto (Australian GLBTIQ Multicultural Council – AGMC).


LGBTQ Homelessness Research Project (2016-2017) 

Researchers: Ruth McNair, Cal Andrews, Sharon Parkinson (Swinburne University of Technology) & Deborah Dempsey (Swinburne University of Technology).

Advisory Group: Sue Carlile (Family Access Network), Ian Gould (GALFA), Andie Hider, Jami Jones (GLHV), Kerryn Jones (Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation), Tony Keenan (Launch Housing), Violet Kolar (Launch Housing), William Leonard (GLHV), Rebecca Reynolds (National LGBTI Health Alliance), Jenny Smith (Council to Homeless Persons), Damien Stevens (Uniting Shepparton), James Wray (Port Phillip Housing Association).


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Website Support: Damian Douglas-Meyer

We are also deeply grateful to those who have generously given their time to participate in the research. Thank you for helping make this happen!